Pressed Ceiling Mirror – South Africa


Pressed ceilings originated in the 1880s as an affordable way for people to dress up a room’s roof. They were meant to emulate high-end decorative plaster.┬áHand crafted and unique, these gorgeous ceiling tiles have been re-used to creat a statement piece to any living space. The cracked and chipped paint exposing the tin introduces the age of the tiles and lends texture and authenticity to any room. The tin tile pattern and colour of the frame will vary from mirror to mirror due to the handmade nature of this item. The two by two and two by four foot panels were originally stamped out of steel and called “steel ceilings.” It wasn’t until later, that the raw steel panels were plated in tin to help slow down rusting. Size: 60cm x 60cm (measurements are approximate) Origin: South Africa

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