Tuareg Wooden Bowls


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The Tuareg are desert nomads living in the Saharian region of Northern Africa. Famous for their beautiful jewellery, leatherwork and woodwork, Tuareg artisans take pride in their work creating these beautiful carved wooden bowls that serve as everyday utensils which are light and easy to pack for their journeys. Carved off a single piece of wood with traditional incised geometric patterns around the exterior, the graceful lines and subtle embellishments reflects the sophisticated culture of the Tuareg. Large pieces of wood are hard to come by in the Sahara, so cracked bowls are repaired and passed down through generations rather than discarded. This elegant hand carved Tuareg bowl with its unique repairs enhances the aesthetic appeal and gives depth to the history of the bowl. Please note that many of our handmade items are one of a kind, perfectly imperfect, vintage and have indigenous decorative repair work which we believe adds to the intrinsic value and beauty of the items. No two items are exactly the same. – Color: Natural dark wood Size: 35cm diameter (measurements are approximate)

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