Classic Namji Doll – Cameroon


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In Africa, dolls are of great cultural significance. Originating from the Namji tribe of North Cameroon, not only are these colorful dolls a definite eye catcher, they also have an interesting history. They are used as good luck charms and amulets, decorations, gifts, toys and family heirlooms. Given to encourage fertility, these dolls are made for young girls to play with, strapping on their backs and carrying them around to mirror the responsibilty of motherhood. Because of their authenticity and cultural heritage, Namji dolls are considered among the finest and most beuatiful dolls in Africa. They are carved from solid wood and adorned with a variety of colourful glass beads, Cowrie shells, metal strips and fiber on a wood base. Individually handmade by artisans, no two are are exactly alike which adds to the value of each piece making them unique and one of a kind. Our collection of Namji dolls are an exquisite work of art and make excellent gifts. Color: Silver Size: L 50-60cm (measurements are approximate) Origin: Cameroon

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