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Visit Africa like never before with our curated lifestyle experiences that will give you access to the most exclusive accommodations, breathtaking scenic views and unique tailored tours designed to engage all the five senses and showcase Africa’s secret sweet spots.

Your African dream trip is now a reality !

Amari works and collaborates with our trusted team of expert tour operators on the ground, well connected across the African continent and highly knowledgeable about the most exclusive destinations, finest accommodations and extraordinary experiences.


– Means “journey” in Swahili, an African native language.

 Amari Africa Adventure

Amari offers an authentic African Adventure, specially curated to take you on a journey that showcases the best of Africa’s destinations, experiencing the remarkable beauty, gastronomy and attractions of each country.

Our experienced team of tour operators also specialise in Safaris and other exciting activities that allow our guests to spend a generous amount of time observing wildlife while creating unforgettable memories. Sleeping in beautiful safari camps, getting in touch with the tribal culture and witnessing the bliss of an African sunset, guests experience the richness of the African plains in all its authenticity.

But Africa is not just about wildlife safaris. Our Lifestyle Experiences include a variety of other tailor-made tours and activities where guests can enjoy local wines and gastronomy, city adventures and sightseeing, beaches and water activities, unique and exclusive accommodation and so much more. Book your Amari Africa Adventure below and discover the secret sweet spots of Africa with our ready-made or tailor-made experiences.

Amari africa adventure

South Africa

Experience the best of South Africa and embark on a journey of discoveries, from breathtaking landscape views, to exciting safari tours and delicious wine tasting over the lush African valleys. Stay 10 days in exclusive accommodations, with top class service and experience the true African lifestyle.


Experience the best of Botswana in 10 days, discovering it’s secret sweet spots, delicious gastronomy and wildlife adventures filled with joy and excitement. Visit the majestic Victoria Falls, cruise along the Zambezi River over the African sunset and experience the magic of the Savanna through unique and authentic accommodations.


Discover the hidden gems of Mozambique and experience it’s postcard beaches, lush tropical islands, helicopter scenic views, exciting water activities and top-notch accommodations.

Tanzania & Kenya

Explore Eastern Africa and discover the secret sweet spots of Tanzania and Kenya. An experience especially curated to take you on an unforgettable journey, from exclusive Safari drives, cultural Maasai tribe encounters, exciting wildlife activities and unique stays in the heart of the Savanna.

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