Welcome to Amari, where the essence of Africa awaits your discovery. We are explorers and storytellers of the African Continent, committed to finding unique cultural artistry that transcends the ordinary, while unveiling it’s beautiful awe-inspiring destinations.

Immerse yourself in an authentically curated African Shopping & Lifestyle Experience, where you can have a piece of Africa through a selection of decor & fashion treasures, and feel the rhythmic pulse of the continent as you embark on travel experiences in memorable locations.

Our mission is clear: showcase the best of Africa’s artistic culture and breathtaking landscapes, while empowering artisan communities and promoting environmental consciousness.

Amari is a shopping experience of sustainable interior design & fashion products handcrafted by local communities and designers, whilst promoting African lifestyle experiences in unspoken destinations. Join us on the Amari Africa Adventure, offering bespoke travel experiences tailored to immerse you in the diverse wonders of the continent.

Here at Amari, is where Africa’s stories come to life through artistic treasures with fascinating stories and unforgettable adventures that engage all senses.


means “strength” in Yoruba, an African native language.

Founded to promote Africa in an engaging and conscious way, bringing the essence of African cultures into the lifestyle of all lovers of art, design and unique travel experiences.

We work and collaborate directly with African artisans, communities and designers, sharing their story, talents and culture through distinct handmade art & fashion pieces. At our core, we are driven by a commitment to social empowerment, actively promoting tourism to enhance positive socio-economic outcomes across various regions of the African continent.

“United we are rock, divided we are sand…”

– African Proverb


We are a mother-daughter team, born and raised in AFRICA.

Passionate explorers, lovers of fashion, art and cultural stories, with the mission to empower local African communities through artistic design and tourism enhancement, whilst sharing with the world the tales of magical lands and the meanings behind the traditional art & design culture.

Claudia De Lemos (Mother)

“Being born in Mozambique and having grown up in vibrant South Africa, I’ve been fortunate to intimately experience the beauty and diversity that Africa embodies — from its rich cultures and traditions to its distinctive expressive art. Through these life experiences, I became a collector of beautifully handcrafted pieces by talented artisans. In 2018, my journey led me to Portugal, and with a deep desire to carry the essence of Africa and its wonders with me. Together with my daughter, we built the AMARI concept, and so it was born. It is an inspired endeavor to share the extraordinary artistry and cultural richness that has shaped our lives, creating a bridge between Africa and the world through uniquely curated treasures and experineces.

Jessica De Lemos (Daughter)

“A lifelong passion for nature and community support has shaped my journey. With a background in environmental consulting and philanthropy, I aspired to develop a concept rooted in social and sustainable consciousness. As a child of Africa, I was exposed to the beauty of untouched nature, explored hidden postcard-worthy destinations, and lived the distinctive art culture of the continent. These experiences fueled my curiosity and willingness to share with the world the richness of Africa—its beauty, traditions, and design—while contributing to positive social change. Together with my mom, we blended our passions and values to create a concept that speaks to us and the world, celebrating Africa and inspiring change.”